Help us reach our goal for 2014!
     Bags Sold or Donated: 296 - Goal: 1,000     

WINK bags are the perfect gift for a hostess, teacher or friend. Not only are they stylish, they are kind. When you give a WINK bag, you give someone you know, and someone you'll never meet, some kindness.  WINK toiletry bags are designed with grace, style and durability. They are a perfect cosmetic bag to keep in your purse or you can use it as a clutch! 

At first glance, the lucky person receiving this gift will know exactly why it is SO special. WINK bags arrives wrapped in a gorgeous selection of tissue paper sealed with a label that reads “For every WINK bag purchased, one bag is donated to The Ronald McDonald House Family Rooms.” Included inside the grey chevron patterned bag is an all natural WINK brand lip balm and two very special scented products from The Soap & Paper Factory, WINK’s exclusive product partner. The scented full size guest soap is packed with shea butter that will nourish and soften your sweet skin, while the fragrance will uplift and balance! The most unique product is the beautiful solid perfume.  These are amazing for travel and are a sexy way to fragrance yourself. Just apply to your pulse points or dig deep and use as a pomade (it's great for your hair!) Pure jojoba, beeswax and signature fragrances make this an elegant and unique gift. Everyone LOVES them!  1/2 ounce

  1. WINK bags are made from Dacron, the fabric most commonly used for the sails on sail boats. The fabric is durable, water resistant and wipes off easily.
  2. The WINK bag features the timeless “Chevron” pattern selected for its modern and sophisticated yet classic design.
  3. Designed to look like a fabulous fold over clutch, this toiletry bag can double as a purse!
  4. The toiletry bags we’ll be donating to the Ronald McDonald House family rooms are unfortunately not as fun as the retail WINK toiletry bags. The people in that situation need things like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste and all purpose moisturizer. If you’d like to donate some new, unopened travel size amenities for the Ronald McDonald House Family Room WINK toiletry bags please click here.


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