WINK Bags are unique gifts with a special purpose. WINK is part of a unique group of companies that sell #giftsthatgiveback or "one for one" gifts.   WINK Bags are clutch style toiletry bags with luxury products inside. When you buy a WINK bag, one bag (filled with basic toiletries) is donated to Ronald McDonald House Family Rooms across the U.S. If a parent is in that room, things are not good. These basic necessities are sometimes all a parent needs when confronted with a critically ill child. 

When In Need of Kindness. A loving WINK. Isn't that all we really need? A knowing smile, acknowledging nod or a comforting wink during tragedy or just everyday life. 

Life can be hard. We all need some kindness everyday.

Further, a portion of WINK Bags proceeds goes to our non-profit partner, The C.L.A.Y. Foundation, which hosts FREE one-hour CPR Parties, advocates to Learn to FloatFirst™, supports  AED awareness & availability and will build a year round warm water swim facility.  For more information about The C.L.A.Y. Foundation please visit 

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